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Continuing Partnership

A huge thank you to Justin and Gagnon Sports for their donation for our clubs " Active

Angler Award." This award recognizes the angler witht the highest participation and dedication to the club and special events. Hawgtown would to thank Gagnon Sports for their decication to the industry for many years. Let's continue to support this family owned business and the great products and services they provide.


July 2023

Our tournament season is in full swing. We have had some great events at Wellers and Six Mile, as well as our club clash event on Sturgeon and Hyper Classic. The Signup is now live for the boys weekend in Parry Sound.

June 2023

The club is set to kick off its 2023 season. Make sure to check our schedule of full tournaments coming up so you can follow along or join the club!

This year will have a mix of on shore weigh ins as well as the use of Tourney X. 

April 2023

The club would to thank JP DeRose for coming out to our last meeting as a guest speaker. Were looking forward to starting off our pre season tournaments very soon. We are currently still accepting new members to our club for the upcoming season. Stay tuned for our latest tournament results !

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